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Our boating courses help you with

what you have to know:
  • Boating 1: PCOC (2 nights)
  • VHF Maritime Radio (2 nights)

what you should know:
  • Boating 2: Beyond the PCOC (5 weeks)
  • Boating 3: Intro to Navigation (6 weeks)
what you want to know:
  • Boat & Engine maintenance (11 weeks)
  • Weather for Boaters (7 weeks)
what you might like to know:
  • Boating 4: Seamanship (12 weeks)
  • Boating 5: Advanced Piloting (12 weeks)

"Welcome Aboard!"

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are volunteer organizations dedicated to enhancing boating enjoyment and safety through training. The Halifax Squadron serves the Halifax, Bedford and St. Margaret's Bay areas of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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2017-18 courses

Posted by Education Department on 2017-11-14 10:00:46 AST

The list of upcoming courses, starting October and continuing through the Spring, 2018, is now available. Note that the program will be updated in January to also reflect the schedule of VHF courses that will begin in February....

All course listings, dates and cost are shown at the Halifax Squadron 2017-18 Course Calendar. Register for the course of your choice by clicking on its title in the Calendar; then follow the Sign-up link at the bottom of that page to proceed with registration. Early registration is strongly encouraged: this allows us to order adequate quantities of course materials and reserve classrooms of appropriate size. There is a minimum class size requirement of 8 students for all courses and also a maximum size for each. Refresher rates and 2nd-family member options are available for select courses, with the introductory Boating package offering a generous discount. Below is a brief synopsis of what you will find in greater detail in the Calendar (note that courses are listed in the Calendar chronologically, according to start date).

INTRODUCTORY BOATING Courses begin in February:
- Introductory Boating Package: New boaters can take advantage of this complete package of the 3 Introductory courses at the discount price of $400 inclusive and, providing you complete the program and pass the tests, a complementary one-year CPS-ECP membership. See the descriptions for Boating 1, 2, and 3, below. Register before February 1, 2018, for a further $15 early-bird discount. Register for the complete Intro Boating package here

- Boating 1: PCOC seminar: Get ready for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) exam by taking this seminar which covers the basic safety requirements and "rules of the road" for boating in our waters. The best of the PCOC seminars available, this highly acclaimed course was one of the first to be accredited by the Canadian Coast Guard, and CPS-ECP's certification is the only PCOC that is also recognized in the United States. Cost for registering for Boating 1 alone is $100 (with 2nd-family member, and refresher rates available). Friday, Feb 16, 2018, (6-9pm) and Sunday Feb 18 (1-5pm). Click to see the course ToC. Register for PCOC alone here

- Boating 2: Beyond the PCOC: The PCOC makes sure you have immediate navigation and safety skills but its just the beginning of what you should know when you get on a boat. In the second of our Boating Series, you are introduced to the art of navigation, charting, anchoring, ropes, lines and knots not to mention what to expect when the boat is underway. This course also has a number of optional topics that will be taught depending on your interests; these include towing, trailers and a check list for lay-up and launch. Cost for Boating 2 alone is $ 155, with a 2nd-family member rate available. Course runs on Thursdays, for 6 weeks starting February 15, 2018. You can sign up for Boating 2 alone or in combination with Boating 3. Click to see the Boating 2 ToC. Register for Boating 2 alone or for the Combo here.

- Boating 3: Introduction to Navigation: For the third course in the introductory series you are expected to be quite familiar with the material covered in Boating 1 and Boating 2; the course develops navigation skills introduced in Boating 2 and further develops plotting and labelling on paper charts. It also covers what the skipper should be doing before setting out and when under way; handling a boat under sail; your environmental responsibilities; electrical hazards. This course also has a number of optional topics that will be taught depending on class interests; these include tides and currents, canals and locks, and collision regulations. Cost for Boating 3 alone is $175, with a 2nd-family member rate available. Course runs on Thursdays, for 6 weeks starting March 29, 2018. Click to see the Boating 3 ToC. Register for Boating 3 alone here


- Boating 4: Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1: this course is in progress

- Boating 5: Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 2: Graduates of earlier navigation courses including the Seamanship course, develop their chart work skills to standards recognized in the maritime industry. You must be familiar with using paper charts and plotting and labelling a course to successfully take this course. Expand that knowledge by using a variety of electronic devices to chart your course and enable you to plan your course under tidal, current and windy conditions. By learning more about dead reckoning, fixes and running fixes you will have attained a high degree of proficiency in navigating through coastal waters. Boating 5, previously known as Advance Piloting (AP) also covers the use of GPS, Chart Plotters, Radar, SONAR, Autopilots and more. The course starts Tuesday January 9, 2018, for 13 weeks. Cost is $205; CPS-ECP member rate is $185. Click to see the Boating 5 course ToC. Register for Boating 5 here.

- Boating 6 Off Shore Marine Navigation Level 1: Previously known as Junior Navigator (JN) this course deals with both traditional and modern (electronic) navigational methods; it draws on skills you have acquired from the Near Shore Marine Navigation courses (Boating 4 (previously known as Seamanship) and Boating 5 (previously called Advanced Piloting), developing them further. Specifically: When the GPS ceases to work, be guided by the sun. Learn to use a marine sextant to derive lines of position and a running fix from sights on the sun. Be confident when no aids to navigation or land objects are in sight. The course runs on Saturdays, 9 am to noon, starting March 3rd, for 9 weeks. Cost is $190; CPS-ECP member rate is $165. Click to see the Boating 6 course ToC

Register for Boating 6 here

ELECTIVE COURSES (no pre-requisite required):

- Boat & Engine Maintenance: this course is in progress

- Electronic Marine Navigation: Learn about hand-held and built-in GPS and chart plotter instruments and become familiar with the many features and capabilities of these devices.This course covers the features, capabilities, and uses of electronic charts and the variety of ways they are available - from chart plotters, PDA's, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. Learn about electronic programs like Maptech, OZI, FUGAWI and Nobeltec. Course material includes a CD with a complimentary Maptech computer navigation program, together with many electronic chart samples. Click to see the EN course ToC.

The course runs on Wednesdays for 8 weeks, beginning February 21, 2018. Cost is $135; CPS-ECP member rate is $110. A refresher rate is available as well. Register for EN alone here. Or, for a discounted rate, sign up for the complete Electronic Package of EN and Radar here.

Radar: Discover the many uses of RADAR and learn to use it on your computer before you need to on the water! The course starts Wednesday April 18, 2018, and runs for 5 weeks. Register for the Radar Course here

- Marine Electrical Maintenance: This course is in progress

- The Sail Course: an absolute must for those devoted to boating under sail and exploring all aspects of rigging and sailing techniques. Both a 2nd-family member discount and a refresher option offered. Mondays for 12 weeks, beginning January 8, 2018. Cost is $165; CPS-ECP member rate is $145. Click to see the Sail course ToC. Register for the Sailing Course here

Questions? Contact the Squadron Educational Officer

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